Love and laughter 'redneck' style... 

Award winning author:
Lindsey Brookes



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 Possum Hollow Series...

Randi Lynn Brown grew up in Possum Hollow, Alabama with dreams of someday becoming a famous model. But when the opportunity arises for her to do just that, she finds herself rethinking everything. What if she fails? And can she really leave Skeeter Cooper behind? Not that there is really anything to leave behind. The irritating man has made it clear that she ain’t his kinda female. The kind that drinks and curses and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Maybe he’s right. Then again, maybe he ain’t. 

Skeeter Cooper likes fishing, drinking and locking horns with that sexy, sassy female, Randi Lynn Brown. It’s not until word gets out that she might be moving to New York City that he realizes how much he’s gonna miss having her in his life. But he ain’t about to keep her from chasing after her dream. He even offers to take her to Manhattan. The only ‘catch’ being she’ll have to attend a bass fishing tournament with him along the way. Problem is fish ain’t the only thing that ends up getting hooked that weekend! 

Despite her modeling success, Randi Lynn finds herself yearning for the very place she’d always been so eager to leave behind. For the man she left behind. Following her heart, she returns to Possum Hollow, determined that nothing, not even one annoyingly stubborn man, is gonna keep her from finally REELING IN HER REDNECK for good. 

Book 3 in the Possum Hollow Series